Job Opening - Customer Support Manager

Flexible working (remote / office), UK-based | £25,000-£35,000 p.a.


We’re looking for someone to be the primary point of contact for customer support requests. We have direct, synchronous Slack-based communication with many of our clients and place an emphasis on the ‘personal touch’. The Customer Support Manager is an essential role that helps us deliver and scale this approach, whilst backing up the very ‘human’ interactions with underlying systems and resources to ensure efficient, high quality customer support.

We need you to track the status of open items so that a) we can communicate updates to the customer, b) it’s clear to the rest of the Trelica team what items are open, who is assigned to them and if requests aren’t being handled in a timely fashion. In the short-term this could be as simple as a spreadsheet, but the right candidate for this role will want to explore more specialist tools that can streamline the process.

You will need to be detail-oriented, have a technical predisposition and genuine desire to keep customers happy and engaged.

We’re still a small team, but looking to grow quickly. Support, Customer Success and Implementation all have one thing in common: they’re customer-centric. As you will be front and centre with our customers, you will be uniquely placed to grow with the Customer Support Manager role, or indeed explore other roles in the business.

Responsibilities & Objectives

  • Ensuring inbound customer requests are responded to and (where required) addressed
  • Coordinating internal teams (Product, Sales, Customer Success) to assign customer support requests appropriately and to provide a single point of communication back to the customer
  • Improving efficiency and quality of outcomes by developing standardised, informative responses to recurring requests

We are a growing company, so a secondary objective is to develop tools and systems that ensure that the Customer Support function operates effectively, efficiently and transparently. Over the longer term, this could include creating performance metric reporting mechanisms to track service levels.


Person specification

  • Some level of experience in dealing directly with customers, though not necessarily in a B2B SaaS context
  • Genuine desire to keep customers happy and advocate for them
  • A professional communication style that’s friendly, succinct and informative
  • Takes pride in their work and is diligent; knowing that what they produce and communicate is seen by their customers and colleagues and is meaningful
  • A technical predisposition that makes you interested in software tools
  • Strong interpersonal skills; a relationship builder that can work effectively with colleagues who are balancing support requests with other responsibilities
  • Inquisitive nature that drives you to connect the dots between customer requests, the Trelica product and how we as a team respond to those requests
  • Analytical approach that looks for recurring themes and patterns that can be learned from.



Flexible working (remote / office), UK-based. Our UK team hotdesks in WeWork Cambridge and we can offer you a desk there (or indeed a different office share location) if you like having the option to work in an office environment and be around colleagues. Alternatively, fully remote is also fine if that’s the way you prefer to work.


Salary & benefits

  • £25,000-£35,000 p.a. (depending on experience — as above, the right person won’t necessarily have experience in a similar role, but that would always be valuable)
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Enrollment in our workplace pension plan


Who we are

Trelica is a tech start-up with team members distributed across the UK, US and Switzerland. We’re operating in the SaaS management space, which is a new and rapidly expanding market focussed on helping businesses get the most from the various SaaS apps they’re using (think Zoom, Salesforce, Slack).

Since launching our product in early 2021, we’ve gained customers across North America, Europe and Asia. We’re looking for great people to help shape and deliver our continued growth.


How to apply

Please send over your CV along with a short cover letter to The cover letter really can be short, we would just like to know what interests you about our company / the role and why you think you could be a good fit.

Please don’t apply if you’re not based and eligible to work in the UK. We’re not currently in a position to support relocations or visa applications.

No agencies for this one, thank you

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