Job Opening - Quality Assurance Lead

Flexible working (home / office), UK-based | £55,000-£65,000 p.a.


Delivering a solid customer experience is something we value at a strategic, commercial and technical level and so finding the right person to start our QA team is really important to us.

We’ve built our product from scratch over the past couple of years with a focus on code quality and testability. This means that we have a reliable code base with good test coverage but the challenge we are currently facing is that our product is growing, and in particular it interacts with a large number of external APIs. As the product matures and the number of variables increases we need to go beyond a reliance on the unit testing approach we’ve had to date.


Responsibilities & Objectives

We’re looking for someone to grow a dedicated testing and QA function. We’re a close team so you will be working directly with the product and development team. Close work with both teams is important in terms of understanding product direction (to know where to focus efforts), and interacting with the development team to investigate and diagnose defects.

We’re keen to extend our automated testing, as well as develop more structured approaches to functional tests: you will have the freedom to pick tools and approaches that will scale as our engineering team grows.

Testing new product features

We are rapidly expanding the product and a key part of the role is working closely with the product team to ensure that new features are working as the product team have specified.,

Specifically this means:

  • Understanding the detail of the existing Trelica product and the purpose of any new functionality.
  • Testing individual user stories, as well as broader features, to ensure they work consistently as specified and expected.
  • Liaising with developers or the product team to get fixes made, or to explain edge-cases that need to be documented for users.

Implementing new tooling

We’re a relatively young company so our DevOps practices are up to date, but heavily focused on automated unit testing. We have good test coverage, but even with this, some regressions do occur. A key part of the role will be to work with the development team to implement more automated end-to-end testing.

Specifically this means:

  • Bringing experience of automated testing tools, and working with the development team to trial, agree and implement new approaches.
  • Configuring and maintaining automated tests as efficiently as possible as we grow the product.

Integration testing

Trelica integrates with many other SaaS products, and so we need to understand not just the behaviour of our own product, but also the behaviour of the products we integrate with.

Specifically this means:

  • Building an understanding how a variety of other SaaS products work (e.g. if we deactivate a user, what is the impact in the product?).
  • Conceiving of, configuring, and testing complex scenarios in other SaaS products (e.g. Okta, Google Workspace, Salesforce).
  • Helping improve logging and diagnosis when things go wrong – integrations often run in the background, so working out how to provide clear diagnostics is very important to reduce support issues.


Person Specification

  • Experience of QA and testing methodologies on a modern technology stack, at a software company (ideally B2B SaaS).
  • An interest in software products at both high and low levels – spotting functional inconsistencies for example needs you to have the broader product in your mind, whilst looking at small details on a page.
  • A willingness to prioritise in a pragmatic way – perfection in 20% of the product should not come at the expense of the remaining 80%.
  • An ability to communicate positively with others. The objective of testing is to get solutions implemented – you have the ability to explain potentially quite specific issues in a clearly reproducible way.
  • A creative thinker – good testing is both systematic but also requires creativity and ingenuity.



Flexible working (remote / office), UK-based. Our UK team hotdesks in WeWork Cambridge and we can offer you a desk there (or indeed a different office share location) if you like having the option to work in an office environment and be around colleagues. Alternatively, fully remote is also fine if that’s the way you prefer to work.


Salary & benefits

  • £55,000-£65,000 p.a. (depending on experience)
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Enrollment in our workplace pension plan with 5% employer contribution


Who we are

Trelica is a tech start-up with team members distributed across the UK, US and Switzerland. We’re operating in the SaaS management space, which is a new and rapidly expanding market focussed on helping businesses get the most from the various SaaS apps they’re using (think Zoom, Salesforce, Slack).

Since launching our product in early 2021, we’ve gained customers across North America, Europe and Asia. We’re looking for great people to help shape and deliver our continued growth.


Trelica’s culture

We’re a small team and several of us have worked together for many years in a previous successful SaaS business. We’re passionate about creating SaaS products that look great, work well and ultimately solve real-world problems for our customers.

Our approach – both within the business and with our customers – is to be engaged, honest and pragmatic; ultimately we try to be sensible people! That means we get excited if there is a brilliantly simple solution to a complex problem, but we get equally excited about helping people with complex problems that need more thoughtful and less ‘magic’ solutions!

We’re used to working remotely and autonomously and without any strict sense of hierarchy. We use Slack and Google Meet to keep in contact on a synchronous basis. Half of the team are based in or around Cambridge (UK) and we use WeWork hotdesks so people have the benefit of a desk and a more formal working environment if / when they need it.


How to apply

Please send over your CV along with a short cover letter to The cover letter really can be short, we would just like to know what interests you about our company / the role and why you think you could be a good fit.

Please don’t apply if you’re not based and eligible to work in the UK. We’re not currently in a position to support relocations or visa applications.

No agencies for this one, thank you

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