Job Opening - Researcher

Flexible home / work, UK-based | £25,000-30,000 p.a.


Who we are

Trelica is a tech start-up with team members distributed across the UK, US and Switzerland. We’re operating in the SaaS management space, which is a new and rapidly expanding market focussed on helping businesses get the most from the various SaaS apps they’re using (think Zoom, Salesforce, Slack).

Since launching our product in early 2021, we’ve gained customers across North America, Europe and Asia. We’re looking for great people to help shape and deliver our continued growth.

Several aspects of our product delivery and sales operations are underpinned by a range of data entry and research processes that require dedicated input to ensure timely and accurate updates. As a small team, we all contribute to these processes as required and have developed some tools to make things more efficient. However, to support our future growth we need someone with the right skills and mindset to truly focus on and own these critical research functions.


The Researcher role responsibilities & objectives

Overseeing the expansion of, and updates to, our library of SaaS apps

Trelica’s global library features over 18,000 apps, with varying levels of data quality and completeness. Our customers benefit from this library by having basic information (category of application, vendor name, pricing etc.) prefilled and updated for them by Trelica. The broader and higher quality the data is in the library, the happier our customers are!

You would be responsible for keeping information for existing apps in our library up to date, and cataloging new apps discovered by customers and which we have not seen before. Most of the time this requires simple desk research with accurate, consistent data entry. Occasionally, it requires a bit of investigation!

Supporting customers with updates to their SaaS contracts & licenses

Managing lots of SaaS apps in a business can be challenging when different teams are all signing up to licenses. Trelica can help out by connecting with other systems to spot new purchases, plus we support some of our customers with a value-added service to enter their SaaS contracts and licenses to the Trelica platform. Keeping all this information up to date in a single system is very valuable to our customers – timely, accurate updates to the Trelica platform ensure customer satisfaction.

You would be responsible for reviewing and processing SaaS contracts for customers, ultimately entering the data to Trelica in a structured fashion so it’s available to our customers for analysis. SaaS contracts come in a wide range of formats and can incorporate multiple line items of different types of licenses – you would be expected to liaise directly with our customers for questions and clarifications, as required.

Identifying prospective customers

As with any start-up, finding new customers is critical to our ongoing success. You would be using Linkedin Sales Navigator to identify leads for our sales team to contact. This involves defining (and iterating) search criteria to identify relevant leads, researching contact details and transferring the data into our outbound sales tool.


Success & long-term development in the role

We’re looking for someone who can take ownership of the responsibilities outlined above to deliver timely, high quality data for the benefit of both our customers and the Trelica team.

We are a growing company, so a secondary objective is to put in place tools and systems that ensure that the Research function operates effectively and efficiently. The way we’re doing things now shouldn’t necessarily be the way they’re done in the future — as a team, we’re always looking to innovate and improve.

Long-term growth in this role would involve developing our existing toolset by investigating, proposing and implementing structured approaches that improve both efficiency of our research processes and the quality of outputs. With this infrastructure in place and managed by the right person, this role could evolve into a team lead for one or more additional Researchers.


Person specification

Minimum requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Sound grasp of using spreadsheets for basic presentation and arrangement of data
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new web-based applications without the need for extensive training
  • Eye for detail
  • Happy to work autonomously within broadly defined boundaries
  • Comfortable using judgement to switch between a range of ongoing and time-sensitive tasks, without the need for direct supervision
  • Analytical with a problem-solving mindset; always considering ways to incrementally improve processes
  • Willingness to ‘speak up’ and engage colleagues with considered suggestions for improvements to our tools and processes

Trelica’s culture

We’re a small team (currently 9 people) and several of us have worked together for many years in a previous successful SaaS business. We’re passionate about creating SaaS products that look great, work well and ultimately solve real-world problems for our customers.

Our approach – both within the business and with our customers – is to be engaged, honest and pragmatic; ultimately we try to be sensible people! That means we get excited if there is a brilliantly simple solution to a complex problem, but we get equally excited about helping people with complex problems that need more thoughtful and less ‘magic’ solutions!

We’re used to working remotely and autonomously and without any strict sense of hierarchy. We use Slack and Google Meet to keep in contact on a synchronous basis. Half of the team are based in or around Cambridge (UK) and we use WeWork hotdesks so people have the benefit of a desk and a more formal working environment if / when they need it.



Flexible home / office working (UK-based). Our UK team hotdesks in WeWork Cambridge and we can offer you a desk there (or indeed a different office share location) if you like having the option to work in an office environment and be around colleagues. Alternatively, fully remote is also fine if that’s the way you prefer to work.


Salary & benefits

  • £25,000-30,000 p.a.
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Enrollment in our workplace pension plan

The salary range accounts for our willingness to hire someone into their first full-time job vs. someone with a bit of experience in a researcher or analyst role.


How to apply

Please send over your CV along with a short cover letter to The cover letter really can be short, we would just like to know what interests you about our company / the role and why you think you could be a good fit.

Please don’t apply if you’re not based and eligible to work in the UK. We’re not currently in a position to support relocations or visa applications.

No agencies for this one, thank you

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