Comprehensive SaaS Management for licenses, information security & privacy

Trelica's SaaS Management foundation gives you the tools to discover applications, build your inventory and track licenses and spend. The optional Vendor Management module helps larger organizations coordinate InfoSec surveys and collaborate with 3rd party app owners. Expand your system even further with the Privacy Compliance module and track sensitive data being processed & stored in your apps to ensure you’re working inline with regulations.

SaaS Management

  • Automate discovery and usage insights

    Our out-of-the-box connectors automate discovery and pull richer information from the applications you use, giving you detailed usage and risk reporting.

    List of applications available for direct integration
  • Get a clear overview

    Trelica keeps a live inventory of what applications are in use, how you’re using them, and who is responsible for them. Actively manage apps through a review process to approve the right tools and eliminate risky or redundant usage.

    Application inventory
  • Keep on top of SaaS spend

    Model your SaaS contract financial terms in Trelica to project spend going forwards. Trelica then helps your business users keep on top of contract renewal dates, and view actual versus projected expenditure to keep teams within budget.

    SaaS spend summary with headline figures and chart
  • Visualize engagement & optimize spend

    Make sure you’re getting the most mileage out of applications by tracking engagement and usage against seats. Reduce spend and risk by removing unused user seats from your rolling SaaS subscriptions. Leverage real engagement insights to renegotiate large contract renewals.

    Chart showing users per application with level of engagement
  • Partner with users & share responsibility

    Encourage Business-led IT by asking team members to approve and manage the software they use, sharing ownership for their decisions and increasing their awareness of potential risks.

    Task assigned to the application business user requesting more information
  • Make better software decisions

    Leverage our library of over 10,000 apps to help users quickly find and compare approved apps themselves. Easily connect your team to the tools they need, making implementation more efficient.

    Comparing security and privacy features of different SaaS applications

Vendor Management

  • Automate vendor onboarding

    Set high-level policies, requirements and reviews. Define criteria around spend, data sensitivity and importance to the business, then determine the level and frequency of review periods for each application or vendor.

    steps and conditions defining the process to onboard new SaaS vendors
  • Communicate directly with vendors

    Replace last-minute Excel InfoSec surveys with a powerful web-based tool that assesses vendors and keeps their security changes up-to-date. Use industry standard assessment templates such as CAIQ, or define your own.

    Management dashboard for a CSA CAIQ infosec assessment

Privacy Compliance

  • Keep track of data across your business

    Understand what data is being stored and how it’s processed. Team members can maintain a catalogue of information for the software they manage, giving the business an instant overview that charts the flow of data between different systems and teams.

    World map showing flows of data between storage locations
  • Identify sensitive data & ensure regulatory compliance

    Monitor the storage of personal data and carry out Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) to comply with GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Trelica helps evaluate the purpose for processing sensitive data and make the right decisions on retention periods.

    Assessment of a processing activity showing the flow of sensitive data between systems

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Gain important insights into multiple SaaS applications across your business. Trelica organises everything in one space, solving information security, privacy and spend issues associated with the unmonitored use of SaaS within organisations.

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  • Gain important insights into multiple SaaS applications across your business.

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